Selena likes to include her favorite color, purple in much of her work. She not only sees purple in many of her subjects. She wishes to express what she sees and to share with others the beauty that is around us.
    Seeing subjects and colors through her eyes is a goal that she wishes to express to others for their enjoyment. These subjects in nature have always influenced her in the way that she sees everyday life.
    Painting on a large format suits Selena best due to the fact that she can show the details of the subject that inspires her composition.
    Selena credits Don Stocksdale, a former teacher and painter himself, for her organizational skills. He influenced her to keep a journal filled with ideas to later incorporate into a painting.
    Her experiences with several painting instructors have been an encouragement to move ahead in her career. Sandy Cable-Barringer has influences the use of reflective light and the skill of using chiaroscuro. Phil Wood has taught her to step back from her work and get a fresh look at her painting. Bob Farlow has taught her to make repeat of shapes and colors to tie the painting together to make a comprehensive statement. Nancy Foureman has been a positive mentor in building a career and setting goals; emphasizing design and techniques.

Blue Hydrangeas
Osage Orange
Early Evening Shadows
Southern Wash Blues
Watercolor on Paper
AWARDS:Hoosier Salon “First Brush of Spring”
Watercolor Award-2005, 2007
Randolph County Annual Exhibition
Purchase Award-2004
Mixed Media-2007
Greenville Art Guild Annual Exhibition
Special Awards in previous years
Darke County Fair
Best of Show-2003
Special Awards in previous years

AFFILIATIONS:     Indiana Plein Air Painters Association
     Randolph County Art Association
    Greenville Art Guild

MUSEUMS:   Richmond Art Museum-Richmond IN

EDUCATION:         Workshops and Weekly Classes
     Sandy Cable-Barringer
     Nancy Foureman
     Robert Farlow, Ph. D.

CHAIRMAN:              Darke County Fair, Fine Arts Department,  Professional Division