Jan Boyer-Demonstrating a clay project at the Darke County Fair.
Jan encouraged the children to feel and try modeling the clay into shapes.
Isabel Culbertson-Childrens' Program-Shawnee Prairie "Paint Day"
"Paint Day" was great fun for all the children that attended.
Drawing animals and learning how to space facial features onto a portrait.
The children learned to draw animals by starting with basic shapes.
High School student, Katie Hufford, worked en plein air on this beautiful spring day.
Setting on top of the hill at Shawnee Prairie, she could see that entire view of meadows and field with Greenville in the distant.
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Winning awards at the Darke County Fair is fun for everyone. The children enjoy showing their work and receiving ribbons for awards and participation.
Face painting at the fair.
A blue dolphin

Isabel taught the children's class at Shawnee Prairie