Martin Wogaman was born in 1905, the son of Harry H. and Olive Wyrick Wogaman. A native of Greenville he attended Dayton Art Institute and Detroit Academy of Art.

Mr. Wogaman helped establish the Greenville Art Guild Theatre and promoted interest in the visual arts in the community. He did work in sculpture as well as painting. He had artwork exhibited in the Louvre, Paris. When he studied at the University of Dayton, he was involved with the theatre and painted scenery.

Mr. Wogaman was associated with Anna Bier, Greenville art teacher, for many years. He not only taught art at the Greenville Art Guild and at his home but also directed the Art Guild plays until 1963. The painting of Al Shartle, a street vendor in Dayton, won Martin a place in Who's Who in Ohio.

The following is a quote from a letter of recommendation dated August 1934, signed by Julia McCoy, registrar at the Dayton Art Institute: "Martin Wogaman was in the school of the Dayton Art Institute from 1923 to 1926 and was considered by Mr. Pond, the Director, as the most outstanding pupil of that period. In fact, Mr Pond thought so much of Mr. Wogaman's work that he held an exhibition of his work with that of another student, an honor never shown any other student".

Later, his talent for teaching young students would show up in the legacy of a family of painters. Roy Cable was a well known writer and painter, his children were to attend Wogaman's classes at the Greenville Art Guild. Sandy Cable Barringer and Lee Cable both became locally and nationally known for their abilities in painting. Roy Cable's granddaughter Tracy Onoz carries this family legacy. Martin's dedication to the field of painting has been an asset to the community of Darke County.
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