Kate Cameron Matchett was born in 1867, the daughter of Dr. W.H. and Eleanor Matchett of Greenville. She was married to Judge Stephen Vaughn of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She died in 1953 at Mac-O-Chee Castle, Logan County the home of her niece.

Four portraits of historical interest were painted by her in the early 1900's. They are of Lt. Col. William Darke (done from a 1792 painting). General Anthony Wayne, General St. Clair, and Little Turtle. These paintings are owned by the Greenville Historical Society and are on display at Garst Museum, Greenville OH.

Kit Matchett worked for Rookwood Potteries in Cincinnati, in 1892. She was a decorator, using the initials K.C.M. In addition to being an artist, she was a writer and belonged to the Philomantheam Society.
Major General Anthony Wayne
Painting by Kitt Matchett
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