Article 1.Name: The name of the organization shall be the Greenville Art Guild.
Article 2.Purpose: The purpose of the organization shall be to facilitate group involvement through which the individual artists may develop their                   skills as well as market their products and to promote art in the community.
Article 3.Membership: The Executive Board shall be empowered to deny or revoke membership for good and sufficient cause. All members over                                    the age of 18 are voting members. Prospective members may choose from five different types of membership, as follows:
1. Active.....$15.00 per year. This is for those people who are 18 years or over.
2. Senior.....$10.00 per year.  This is for active membership for those sixty-two years or older.
3. Student...$10.00 per year. This is for high school students and is non-voting.
4. Patron.....$15.00 or more per year. This is membership is for businesses or individuals who wish to support the arts through                                                                the Guild and the work it does in the community.
5. Life Membership---$100.00. This is for active membership.
Article 4.Executive Board: The Executive Board shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and each is elected for                                     one year at a time. Also on the Board will be the Program Coordinator, Darke County Fair Liaison, and Show Coordinators.
     The outgoing president may act as an ex-officio of the Board for a term of one year.
                        All Board members shall be required to attend at least 75% of the executive meetings per year. The disposition of board members who                                                          do not comply with the above rule will be at the disposition of the President and the Board.
                        The President shall prepare an agenda to present at the meeting.
                        The Executive Board shall have the power to act upon emergency situations with the approval of at least three of its members.                                                                 Disposition of funds for such emergencies shall not exceed $100.00
Article 5.        Executive Board Meetings: A business meeting shall be held the first Monday of each month except January, February, July and                                                                    August. Members are encouraged to attend board meetings.
Article 6.        Amendments: Amendments shall be brought to the attention of the total voting membership by mail at least two weeks in advance of                                        vote and shall be passed by two-thirds of the members voting. Amendments shall be brought to vote before a quorum of                                         one-fourth the total membership.
Article 7.       Committees: The Executive Board shall be responsible for the appointment of Committee Chairmen to handle publicity, nominations,                                         exhibitions, membership, librarian, finance and billing, and other committees as needed. Other appointed positions include historian                                     and newsletter editor.
Article 8.By-laws: By-laws shall be enacted by the rule specified above for amendments.
Section 1.  A nomination committee, which will consist of three active members (one member from the Board), shall be                                      appointed by a majority of the Board prior to the April meeting to nominate officers for the coming year. At the April meeting nominations will be submitted to the membership by the nomination committee (The preceding vice-                                                                          president fills the presidency).
       Section 2.  The May meeting shall be for the election of officers, who will take office at the June meeting. Election will be by a                                                                  simple majority of those voting.
Section 3.  An absentee ballot will be provided by request of any member unable to attend the May meeting.
Section 4.  All officers will be elected by secret ballot.
Section 5.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall automatically succeed to the office. In                                                                  the event of a vacancy in any other elected position, an active member shall be appointed by the Board to fill out the                                                              unexpired term.
Section 6.  Membership dues shall be payable by January 1 for calendar year January through December.
Section 7.  There shall be an audit committee to audit books at the end of May. This committee shall consist of the treasurer, a                                                                member of the Board, and one other active member. A report shall be filed at the June meeting.

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