Anna Bier was born in Greenville in 1873 in the house on East Fourth Street where her family lived. Anna dedicated her life to her teaching. She was a graduate of the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1910. In a booklet published by the Greenville Art Guild many years ago one of her students is quoted, "She gave her students the prideful thrill of creating with their own hands and imagination something of their very own. Her praise heightened the thrill of accomplishment as her criticism urged us to strive for perfection. She taught us to see and to understand what we saw. She tried to teach us to think". Many summers would find Anna conducting art classes at Miami University in Oxford Ohio. She also was art chairwomen for the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs.

In 1937 her work was exhibited in the lobby of the Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in connection with the Greenville Art Guild's opening of the 48-49 season which included the presentation of "Dear Ruth".The art exhibit was organized by W.E. Brown Jr., and sponsored by the Greenville Daily Advocate. It was at this time that Miss bier expressed her hopes for "a place in Greenville where people of all colors, all creeds, and all walks of life could work for the development of artistic skills and higher cultural standards for our community". Upon her death in 1939, she willed her home and all its contents to that end. The Greenville Art Guild Inc, was established.

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